Who is Chris?

Chris is a speaker author, musician, and coach committed to changing lives from the inside out. He strives to deliver strategies to help individuals and organizations thrive in the midst of adversity and help them become the best version of themselves. Has also has performed with artists such as Beyonce, Bobby Lyle, Regina Belle, Peter White and many others.

A Set back in life

In 2002, Chris Black Suddenly lost mobility in his arms and legs. The diagnosis? Multiple Sclerosis: a disease for which there is no cure.  Chris was faced with the end of his career and his purpose in life. 


But Chris refused to give in. He believed in healing and in beating the odds. He knew he would have to change everything from the inside out: his mind, his body, his spirituality, and his emotional well-being. He did not allow his circumstances to dictate his outcome. With this approach and new mindset, Chris got his life in order regained 100% of his abilities  But Chris did more than get his life back, he found his new purpose: to share his experiences and help as many people as possible.

You are not what you see, but what you believe

Chris Black

My Journey

While going through my process of healing I had an epiphany.  I wanted to know more so that I can help others to heal their lives.  I went through a period of absorbing as must knowledge as possible. During my journey Chris has:


Certified in Hypnosis, American Alliance of Hypnotist

Certified in Advanced Hypnosis, American Alliance of Hypnotist

Certified Hypnosis Trainer,International certification board of clinical hypnotherapy

Master NLP Certification, American union of NLP

Certified NLP Trainer, American union of NLP

Past Life Regression Therapist, American Hypnosis Association 

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