You weren't born with 


We live in a society where fear is used as an instrument to control thought process before controlling behavior. How do we overcome something that constantly surrounds us.  Fear distorts your perception and confuses you to what's going on.  Distortion changes experiences from what is actually is.  Your mind manufactures its own picture of reality, which serves only to interfere with the true reality.

Although we often operate out of fear we weren't born with fear.  We were born with uninhibited freedom without a thought or concern.  As a child we would do things fearlessly because we didn't know fear.

A fear generally grows out of a perfectly natural, normal response to an unusual or traumatic event (one develops a fear of dogs after being bitten by a pitbull). A phobia, on the other hand, is an irrational fear – – an unusual response to a normal event (one develops a phobia of flying, even though he/she has never had a negative experience in an airplane). Both fears and phobias can be treated successfully with hypnosis and/or other modalities.

 I can free you from your fear or phobia through NLP and hypnosis. Don’t go through life in pain! Embrace the life you want and deserve. Many fears and phobias can disappear in just one session.

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