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Here are all  the sessions you get when you enroll

Module 1 – Identify The Source of Chaos in Your Life


Session 1- Have lasting change in your life

·       Participants identify areas of needed change and it effects

·      Fundamentals and strategies of change

·      Understanding the importance of change

·      Handouts

o   Action Planner

o   Power cards

o   Commitment Contract

o   Vision Journal


Session 2 – Unhealthy Thinking Habits

·      How to recognize unhealthy thinking habits

·      The process and meaning behind thought

·      Emotions attached to behaviors

·      Changing your behaviors and perceptions

·      Changing your behaviors and perceptions


Session 3 – You weren’t Born with Fear

·      Face the fears that dictate your decisions

·      Understanding fear strategies to overcome fear

·      Uncover the reasons behind fear

·      How fear affects your life


Session 4 – Releasing Hurt and Pain – Forgiveness

·      Begin the process of healing

·      Questionnaire and dialog – strategies for healing and forgiveness

·      Changing your behaviors and perceptions

Module 2 – Awareness & Essential Life Strategies



Session – 5 Self Discovery

·      Balancing your life

o   Physical

o   Spiritual

o   Mental

o   Emotional

o   Financial

·      Exploring who we are and why

·      Awareness

·      Removing internal obstacles

·      Self discovery life graph


Session – 6 The Image Maker

·      How to build strong self esteem

·      You have the power to create a new image

·      Improving your self – image equals positive change

·      Strategies for building self-esteem, self-worth, and a positive self-image


Session – 7 The Power of the Mind

·      Use the power of the mind to change your circumstances

·      How the mind learns, stores information, and make decisions


Session – 8 Life Maintenance

·      Action steps for consistent positive change

·      How to maintain the change in your life

·      The importance of a positive environment and communication

·      Accountability Partner Contract

Module 3 – How to Live a Successful Life on Purpose



Session – 9 Understanding Your Purpose

·      Discovering your purpose

·      Interactive exploration

·      Discover your gifts and talents


Session-10 Goal Setting

·      Learn how to set and accomplish realistic goals

o    Goal setting methods

o   Action plans

o   Timelines

·      Goal oriented time management (4 Quadrant system)


Session 11- Financial Health

·      Finances – a critical aspect of your life

·      Fundamental of being financially sound

·      6-keys to financial health

·      Creating a financial plan

o   Personal Budget

o   Personal Credit

o   Financial goals

o   Quality of Life  Sheet

·      Creating a pathway to successful Life


Session 12 – A Successful and Fulfilling Life

·      The process of fulfillment

·      Keys to having a balanced and successful Life

·      What does fulfillment mean

·      How to stay fulfilled – joy and happiness

·      Life Change Contract

What others are saying

Dr. Eddie- Pediatrictian, New York.


"Chris Black has an uncanning ability to use logic and insight to open yourself up enough to see your genetic core.  It is not always easy or painless, however, it is powerful"

Sam S.- Real Estate investor, Florida


Chris Black’s class, Master Your Life was a delight to attend.  His heart felt desire is to see others prosper in their mental and emotional capacities, a rarity in our community.  His personal journey and mastery of his own life is a true inspiration, both of the human will to survive and thrive, and a testament to his ability to walk his own talk.

Chris has a unique blend of positivity, spirituality and actionable goals, wrapped in a blanket of humility.  His personal odyssey will motivate anyone to achieve more in life.  Chris has an extraordinary way of making the crooked paths in life straight.

David A-Marketing Expert, Palm Springs


In his Master Your Life course, Chris Black has managed ot perfectly combine the spiritual with the practical.  Chris is a gifted speaker and leader and radiates a positive spirit that is infectious.  He is credible because he illustrates the principles he discusses with experiences from his own life.  Master your life provided me with a detailed plan for overcoming the remaining obstacles in my life and refining the principles I want guiding me through the nest stage of my life.

Michael,-Day Trader, California


Chris Authenticity resonates in both, the written and oral form. His personal triumphs is testament to his walk in faith.  He was re-purposed for this very important reason.

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