Seminars and speaking engagements

Clients who book Chris Black benefit from an inspiring, empowering, and impactful experience. He has the unique ability to entertain and evoke postive change to audiences of all types. Chris uses his personal story of overcoming Multiple Scelrosis, relearning how to walk, relearning how to use fine motor skills, and being a world renowned musician, and entrepenuer,  brings not only a unique perspective, but it is a perfect blend to teach real life success strategies. After hearing Chris, audiences members will not walk away energized with practical action steps they will clearly see fresh innovative ways to overcome obstacles.



Chris shows individuals and organizations how they can attain a “Winning Mindset”. How you think determines your level of success. This talk is based on his inspiring life experiences of being a Multiple Sclerosis survivor, relearning how to walk, and being a world renowned musician, entrepenuer, and celebrity host. You will learn how to wipe out negative habits and quickly form positive ones. Over 90% of everything you do is habitual. Do you control your habits or do they control you?This presentation will inspire participants and help them gain deep insight into achieving a winning mindset and taking their personal and business life to the next level. You will learn the tools for overcoming challenges, financial lack, coping with stress, eliminating anxiety, and overall personal and professional transformation. Learn the proven strategies and tools that can help you break through to a new level of productivity and success. This talks offers the following benefits:

• Overcoming fear

• Identifying the negative seeds in your life

• Connecting to your vision

• How to win in a challenging environment

• I will teach you 6 ways to manage your emotions quickly and easily. I'll show you how to use your Emotions to drive you to success and BLOW away the competition.

Achieve a winning mindset
How do you have lasting change in your life?

Change is something that most people struggle with most of their life and never understand why.
What's the problem?
Do you have the ability to change?
Is lasting change even possible?

Whatever your reason , Master Your Life Series taught by Chris Black, will give you the action steps to teach you not only how to change, but to have lasting change in your life. Chris has been in a place where he had to make change last, when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Chris had to make significant changes from the inside out, which caused him to dig not only into himself, but look into change methods. From his own experiences, research and studies, he was able to discover things that truly work and last. In the Master Your Life Series you will learn detailed strategies that will transform your life and give you the joy, happiness and the goals you desire.

Overcoming your unhealthy thinking habits

Are your negative thoughts controlling your behavior, therefore taking over your life?1 Do you find yourself asking questions like " Why did I do that?!" and find it very frustrating. This is the course for you. This course will give you proven strategies that you can use everyday to overcome your negative thinking habits, therefore controlling your unwanted behavior. Changing how you think will change your life from the inside out and give you a new positive perspective on life.

We all have had a series of events that has impacted our thinking therefore affecting our behavior, many times not knowing why we do the thing we do.Some of you have even had altering moments that have changed your way of thinking therefore changing your behavior and your belief system. Know that you have the ability to change your life, just by changing how you think.

Change your thinking, change your life. Learn how Identify and change your unhealthy thought process for great success.

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